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Making sure that the trading process, your data and invested capital are secure on a trading platform is as important as the actual instruments, indicators and other options available in your trading process. Pocket Option tries its best to make sure that accounts of its users and their funds are safe. Let’s have a look at several security features on the platform.

Profile security

Password loss and recovery

Creating a strong password is the first step at making sure your account is protected. If you want to change the password of your account at some point, you can do so by going on the “Profile” section of the platform interface, then the “Security” button and finally the “Change password” option.

You will need to enter the old password first in order to change it to a new one; it is necessary to fill it in two times to make sure it is correct before confirming.

password entry pocket option

In case you do not remember the old password, you can go for a password recovery option available on the platform. For that, access the login starting page of the platform and click on the “Password Recovery” button.

recover pass pocket option

Once you have chosen it and confirmed the captcha, an email with a recovery link will be sent shortly to your address. You need to follow the link in order to reset a password and when that step is complete, another email will be sent to you confirming that a new password has been created for your account.

In case you do not receive any of those emails, do not hesitate to contact the support service on Pocket Option.

Trading history

You can have a look at all of the sessions on the platform that took place on your account on Pocket Option under the “Security” section of your user profile.

history trading pocket option

For a more convenient navigation this section is split between the different types of trades on the platform, such as the real (live) and demo trades, orders placed as part of Social trading, MT5 terminal or express trades. Session history contains all of the necessary details to confirm the platform was actually accessed by you and not third parties, including the place it was accessed (city and country), the type of device and browser, IP address and so on. This helps to ensure that no unwanted third party has been using your account.

If at any point you wish to log out of the platform on all of the devices, “Terminate all sessions” will forcefully do so for you.

2-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a feature that adds on an additional layer of security to your account and can be used for extra protection when both logging in and withdrawing funds. You can find this option under the “Security” section of your profile. You should then see the Two-factor authentication (2FA) section on the right hand-side of the screen.

2 factor auth pocket option

Once you click on the “Google” button in that section, a new window will pop up that leads to the enabling of the Google 2FA. To do, you will need to dowload an app from either Google play or Apple Store, depending on your device, and then either scan the provided qr-code or enter the key manually (you will need to click the “+” button on the app).

google fa pocket option

It is also possible to transfer 2FA onto a new device.

Social trading

Social trading is a great feature available on Pocket Option which allows you to replicate positions of other traders on the platform, as well as allow other users to copy your orders. If you however do not want to have a public account, you can always use the slider on your “Profile” under the “Social Trading” section, like on the image below, and hide it from others.

hide profile pocket option

Security on the platform

Data protection

Apart from your personal account security features, the platform also tries its best to prevent harmful actions, such as data theft or Money Laundering. During the account registration phase, each user of Pocket Option is requires to provide truthfull and accurate information on their identity and personal details to avoid identity theft and confirm trustworthiness of the client. The appropriate supporting documentation needs to be submitted for that.

Finally, Pocket Option uses updated encryption and data protection procedures for the safety of its clients, as well as does not keep credit card details.

Trading security

Pocket Option tries its best to ensure safety of its users, however each trader is responsible for making sure they are aware of the risks associated with trading. It is always a good idea to learn and practice on a demo account before risking money as well as use options such as stop-loss for risk management of your trading orders.

Account protection

In order to protect funds of its users, Pocket Option requires its clients to submit appropriate documentation in order to be able to withdraw money from an account. Any such documentation on the platform is encrypted and it is required to prevent money laundering (AML programm) and Know Your Customer (KYC) process. There are quite a few deposit and withdrawal methods available on the platform for your convenience.

There are several rules traders need to follow (a full disclosure on these rules is provided under the Public Offer agreement, such as provisions against speculation, incompliance with the legislation or unfair attitude towards Pocket Option). The main objective of these regulations is compliance with regulatory authorities, prevention of fraud and safety of clients. In case any of the users severely violate these rules may lead to closure and blocking of their trading account.

Hopefully now you feel safer trading on Pocket Option, do not forget the associated capital loss risks and enjoy the platform. Best of luck!

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Risk Warning: The trading products offered by the companies listed on this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never trade money that you cannot afford to lose.

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