December 2021 Version

The final version of 2021 is live! We are really happy to announce it and proud of the progress we’ve made: during this year, we have launched a new version at least once a month and provided more value to our users each time. This process gives our users a continuous edge and more ways to make money in the market.

Before the summary, let’s dive into the new features of this version:

  • Multi-portfolio support in Trade log – You can now manage your trades in different portfolios to make it easier to manage and analyze. For example: IRA, trading, testing, etc.
  • Center of Mass improvement – Intraday and daily calculation with automatic email integration.

  • New pricing plans – Allows us to better fit our platform to you.
  • Bug fixes and general improvements – better tooltips, mobile enhancements, and more.

2021 in review:

Everyone in Option Samurai works every day to help you be more successful. We are ‘ in your corner,’ working hard to bring you more value so you can keep your edge in the market.

Here are some highlights of what we’ve added this year (can’t list all features – it will be too long):

  • January Version
    • Added Calendar & Diagonal spreads
    • Iron condor improvements
    • Control Panes in the scanner to increase focus in different stages.
  • February Version
    • Iron Butterfly strategy
    • Improved sorting
    • Improved stock analysis data
  • March Version
    • Call & Put butterfly strategies
  • April Version
    • Added the trade log
    • New universes based on ETF constitutes
  • May Version
    • More data to trade log
    • Re-order columns in the scanner
  • June Version
    • New module – the trade order form
  • July Version
    • Added Collar strategy
    • Manually add trades to the trade log.
  • August Version
    • New site design
    • Broker integration (Tos, Tradier)
  • September Version
    • New Module – Reports 
    • Added Center of Mass report
  • October Version
    • Wheel Strategy scanner
    • Improved details page
    • Social media bot
  • November Version
    • Launch of the monitoring system
    • New predefined strategy
  • December Version (this version)
    • Multi Portfolio support
    • Center of Mass improvement (run daily and intraday)

We’ve added many more features this year. We just can’t list them all, as the list is long enough 🙂 (Check the update stream here). We hope you can see that we are adding more value every month, so as a subscriber, the benefit you get from us increases. This is sharpening your edge 🤩.

As always, the version is live. You can access it by clicking the button below. Feel free to contact us with feedback and suggestions.


One last thing: We are currently running a Christmas sale with discounts on our yearly plans. If you want to join us for the ride in 2022 and have a continuously-sharper edge – now is a great time! Check it out in the link below.



The version is live. Go to Option Samurai to use it now.

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